Andymatic Zingatron

Here at last! Listener/Fan/Lonely Man Henry has developed an Andy Breckman iPhone application. It's called the Andymatic Zingatron. User Thomas wrote, "I was never a popular person, but now that I have Andymatic Zingatron, I am always the life of the party!" To get your own, go to the iTunes application store and search for Andy Breckman, or click here.


Mils Yobtaf said...

here's a direct itunes link:

ANGE said...

Thanks Mils!

Anonymous said...

Googling for "Andymatic Zingatron" gives us this gem:

"Crap Apps Box of Shame Award

Andymatic Zingatron
Type Full

Have you heard of Andy Breckman? Don't worry if you haven't because apparently he's best known for writing the TV show Monk. We don't quite see how this qualifies him to have his own soundboard app, but someone at WFMU thinks he definitely needs one. What's next, a Murder She Wrote tie-in?

Even worse, the sound clips bear no relation to anything. One of the most bizarre is "little boys, little girls, and 'tards'. Fair enough, it's under the 'crude' section. But exactly who wants to watch a Z-list celebrity say such things remains a mystery to us.

Adding to the creep factor, there's an image of Breckman's face to look upon, complete with Punch & Judy style moving mouth , leaving us to wonder whether Breckman even knows Andymatic Zingatron exists. Someone get his agent on the phone..."

JoeChrisMorris said...

Happy New Year everyone!

going on year 19 (?) of 7SD - is that right?

Can anyone tell me if Hunter still calls in