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May 28, 2008: The Voice Match Game

I couldn't find a picture of the Livingston Mall that would confirm the presence of windows.

This week's premise, a voice recognition contest, was quickly overshadowed by the topic: a progressively more insane discussion of indoor/outdoor segregation. An amicable debate over which setting has done the most good for the world became a movie pitch about bargaining and survival in a post-apocalyptic horrorscape. (With the usual tangents, including restless leg syndrome, which makes for really bad audio but also a keen symbol of fellowship. Andy only knows one other person who does that? I do that!) No one brought up whether the outdoors or the indoors are kinder to Seven Second Delay shows. I maintain that one outdoor Bathroom Sting outweighs both Tug of War and Thanksgiving in Texas.

Speaking of old Seven Second Delay episodes, this kind of was one. 2004's Voice Recognition used exactly this concept. Selective Seven Second Delay memory was in full force: Andy and Ken relived the Hands in Marriage discussion, barely a year old, as if it was all entirely new to them. And for the record, in just a few months it'll be a full 17 years that Seven Second Delay's been on the air.

So! Where are we with Seven Second Delay's most recent (I still think worst) slump? The evidence all points to Andy and Ken having lost it and the show being tired and in a freefall: the slow descent into senility and a premise from 2004.

Except the 2008 remake was funnier.

Diagnosis: inconclusive.


Anonymous said...

I want to say tht I think a strict embargo against going over concepts (which is not just repeating them, as I think this show demonstrates) should be rethought, if in place at all.

There are some really funny shows in thea archive that would bear a retry. Maybe even some of the less funny shows could be considered.

In anycase, I'd declre the slump well and truly over. The lst two shows have been good solid 7SDs, and I welcome that with tearful eyes.

spaniel said...

you could get in your car inside a garage and then drive to another location as long as it had an attached garage. the "outsiders" might try to pop your tires along the way though, then you'd be trapped. you'd have to have rescue semi-trucks like in Knight Rider that you could drive into and out of.

who needs the outdoors when you have "biosphere 2"?

Ken said...

It ain't the easiest thing in the world to get Andy enthused for a show. By letting him think that he had come up with an actual new idea, I got a good hour out of him.

Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures.

One of these weeks, Andy will come up with a good idea. For the first ten years of the show, he always had a goodlong list of them on his computer.

For right now, the idea bank is populated with material mostly from listeners. But it's enough to prime Andy's pump.

Duncan said...

Yeah, to be clear, I don't care that much that it was an old concept. It was a really funny show. Ken made the right call.

Anonymous said...

The slump is over indeed. The last two were the funniest two shows back-to-back for quite some time.

There certainly should be no embargo on good old ideas - if they were really good ideas, why waste 'em on just one hour of radio?

The voice-recognition gimmick had virtually nothing to do with the the success of this show - it was the outside/inside thing that made it work. Debates on stupid topics almost always work - anyone can take part and be funny without really trying to and without just being a prop for Andy. Proverbial debates was the classic example that should be revived annually...

Anonymous said...

Who played the Jame Bond theme that used to open the show?

Anonymous said...

Hugo Montenegro

Raj said...
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Raj said...

(try this again...)

Just caught a blurb on EW on the next season of Monk. Andy's quoted on a scene with Adrien's new doctor which plays on Andy's ever-loving use of palindromes. (Rather not misquote and ruin the joke. Just pick up a copy.)

I like this "priming the pump" technique which in hindsight is obvious. Made me a bit sad when Andy asked how this show went, like he wanted good shows but lost in how to get there..

acidjazzy said...

I must say, you guys seem to be back on track, I think it may have taken Andy this long to get over the waterboarding. Understandably a life changing experience.

Joe said...

There was danger of the show reaching the magic number (according to Ken) of 7 stinky shows in a row

The last couple shows were alright - 7SD DOES seem to be on the right path..

The (recent) train wreck show was a definite wake up call, in my humble o. When you have one of the co hosts apologizing for the show at shows end.. that can't be a good sign.. Its like, if you see us now we're not waving we're drowning!

And the Radio Chatroom.. YIKES!

AB said...

Robert Smigel talks a little about Andy in the new Onion.

Joe said...

I was looking for Andys sketch about Tippy the Turtle on Youtube but had to content myself with watching Orson Welles comedy on Shakespeare's Falstaff: Chimes at Midnight (thank you Vombear!)

Anyone know the name of that cat that was driving that car in the old SNL btw?

pfapfap said...

That was Toonces the Cat Who Could Drive A Car.

That was one of Andy's? Cuz the original of that was a classic. Maybe Andy should only write for Steve Martin.

Joe said...

Dunno if its Andys..
Tippy the Turtle reminded me of it
SNL following in the fine Python tradition, of animal abuse:

"Thats the Norwegian Blue, whats wrong with it?"
"I'll tell you whats wrong with it, its dead thats whats wrong with it!"