Festival of Lights

Today we offer you another item from the Seven Second Delay "December Collection", i.e. some old shows related only insofar as they all aired in December. It loses some of the magic when I put it like that.

This low-concept early episode found Andy and Ken celebrating Hanukkah in the year 5756 (or "1995".) It features Andy's former call screener Stork and Andy's former wife Mary, and a gift exchange between the two co-hosts that warms the heart.

You can listen to it below:

...or download it here.


Grant In Burbank said...

For some reason Div Share will only let me grab the Christmas Carol episode, not this new one. It's not right-clickable fr some reason.

Grant In Burbank said...

P.S. Thanks for doing this!

Duncan said...

Hmm... are you left-clicking the blog link and then left-clicking the "Download Original" link on the right side of the page? There's no right-clicking involved as far as I can tell.

grant said...

THanks Duncan. I got it. First off I'm on a mac with a one button mouse so it's ALL right clicking to me. :) Secondly, I didn't see the Download the original link. I only saw the just black text show title and thought that was it. Thanks for the help!