Who Is This Monster

"At the station, about half an hour before Delay goes on the air, Breckman strides around the offices greeting staff and volunteers. His personality shifts a bit. “New Jersey Monthly’s doing a story about me. Me. Just me,” he tells Freedman. He’s getting into character. On Delay, he isn’t Andy Breckman, neurotic-but-friendly comedy writer; he’s Andy Breckman, arrogant foil to Freedman’s nice guy. His job is to be a funny jerk, and he plays the role to the hilt."

See New Jersey Monthly.


Anonymous said...

Nice article. Can I say something about the last show? The last few minutes made me feel very, very queasy. Andy seems to really like and admire Jordan. He claims to have a thick skin, but I have the feeling that her avalanche of criticism hurt. Ken's obvious pleasure just added to my discomfort.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Jordan has grown up in the past few years. Also, it's either the age or being in the studio or both, but in this particular episode, she sounded much more assertive, pronounced and eloquent than usual.

Joe said...

The insults might've gotten TOO close with Andy..

about how hes not really a good uncle