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July 4, 2007: Religious Conversions (from Dec 20, 2000)

It seems no Christians ever leave comments on our blog.

You know who I thought was really hot? Mary, Jesus' mother. For a mom. She was a young mom... His girlfriend's name was Mary, also. She was hot. She was a hooker. He fell for a hooker. "She really likes me, I can tell," just like every John. But, He wasn't like every other John. He was the Son of the Lord. That's how He differed from the other Johns. Like at the parade of shame when they parade all the Johns through Jerusalem, I bet He was in the very, very front. I'm very fond of Him. I don't throw the word "love" around the way some people do.

That should do it.


Austin said...

Let me apologize for anything I said that was offensive. I have a serious, serious drinking problem and I don't know often times what I'm saying. I blackout, honestly... I blackout for 5 or 6 minutes sometimes and don't know what I had just said. But, I'm being informed by my staff I said something that might be considered offensive and I'm apologizing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian. I listen, call in and read this blog. I wrote something on here once. That was not nice. Seriously.

But I still love you.

Anonymous said...

I'd date her. Nothing like a 200 year old corpse for a good time~