May 23, 2007: Planning Ken's Funeral and other Failed Concepts

1. The show that this episode was a retread of was called "Memorization Disaster". It's hard to say how that went. Probably great. However, which concepts (if any) merit a second (or third) shot? I don't have an answer to this. I'm just asking.

2. Should Ken re-archive the pre-2002 low-quality shows? The answer to this one is yes.


Kevin said...

Rearchive those shows, Ken!

Austin said...

Nice find, Duncan.

For those interested, the Bloggity Blog Team has been working on an online Episode Guide. At this time, it includes the current archive list, the list, the blog links, rebroadcast and original broadcast dates. If Ken wills it so, the episode guide could include links to the fuzzy recordings.

I use the term "working on" very loosely. We hit a bit of a roadblock. All the data is in a nice excel spreadsheet, but I have had troubles converting it nice and pretty to the world wide web. If you have any advice or would like to help our dreams come true, please drop a line.

Anonymous said...

"Memorization Disaster" was just as it's called, a distaster. They were scrambling for callers, the few wanted to do halfbaked reenactments of Repo Man. There was an annoying listener named Plan B who was reading from the archive. It was a true trainwreck!

I like this episode better. I wish I caught it live. I would've loved to do "Word Association" (Chevy/Pryor) if it's not inappropriate.

Austin? Cut and Paste can't do the trick?

Anonymous said...

I retract my statement. Finished listening to the podcast. IT TANKED.
Beautiful foreplay, though.

Austin Duncan whoever? THANK YOU. Get this project running. Wish I could be there to help.

listener zero said...


I built my own episode guide in html format, using the stuff I received from Duncan some time ago.

I also would love those old shows to get rearchived. I understand they already had been rerun in the summer of 1999?

PS: I loved the "Memorization Disaster" trainwreck. Andy logy, doing the tidybowl man shtick and then finally losing it and yelling in blind rage was simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and here's a link to a picture of the prerecorded Bob Dylan show:

Austin said...

can you email me your HTML version?