Do You Have Andy's Picture In Your Bedroom?

April 4, 2007: Sophie's Choice

What did we learn?
Andy loves his son, Josh, just a little bit more.
Ken was an accident.
Callscreener Jeff would be an outcast in the Addams Family
Patrice's mom loves her.
The Jews were slaves and there were some plagues.

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Where are you on the sibling totem pole?

I am the favorite.
I am the black sheep.
I am the black sheep (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
I need a couple extra hugs.
I have no siblings.
I have no siblings and I am still not a favorite.
I have pancreatic cancer.
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Anonymous said...

If I were Andy's mother I wouldn't have any os his pictures in my bedroom either.

jwgh said...

This show got off to kind of a slow start, but by the end I think it had made me laugh more than any other recent show ... maybe a new classic!

I appreciated how Andy's sister refused to believe that Andy was actually talking about this stuff on the air.

Robin said...

Not knowing beforehand that Risa works in the field, her guessing that the show was about "Elder Abuse" right away without missing a beat was very funny. What's the topic of my brother's show? Oh, Elder Abuse, of course!

jwgh said...

Chris T.'s fillin show last night is online at by the way. I'm downloading it now. (Haven't listened to it yet.)

Robin said...

I love Chris T!

Show the man your power, baby! BLAST him, give him some of that TONE!