Sixty Second Delay

I hope that, in addition to being completely obsessed with this blog, many of you find time to still read WFMU's Beware of the Blog. On the blog a few weeks ago, Ken publicly challenged listeners to create their own sixty second remixes of songs, reflective of all of our evolving attention spans. There have been some amazing submissions thus far, but my personal favorite is clear.

Here you go, have some Breckman Pie (submitted by DJ Jesuspants).


Time to Pounce! said...

I am leaving this note here only because it is the most recent blog posting.

Did everybody read this morning's New York Times? Particularly, the Metro section? The "Metropolitan Diary" part of the Metro section?

February 12, 2007

Dear Diary:

As I was heading out of my Upper East Side apartment building to a leisurely breakfast, I happened across a neighbor whose husband is a well-known stock trader on Wall Street. Her darling 5-year old-son had overheard Daddy on the phone with a client, and was quite concerned.

“I know Daddy sells things at his job,” he remarked with consternation, “but why, oh why, did he say he would sell my shorts?”

Andrea Silenzi

A triumph! (of sorts). Frankly, we'd have to be much more precious to fall outside the norms of the Diary; two of today's entries took the form of poems.

Robin said...

I notice they took out the name of the restaurant that I submitted, to add some AUTHENTICITY to the story. I guess they don't want to advertise whatever the hell eatery I Googled that serves brunch on the Upper East Side.

I feel proud and also a little sick. That's a new emotion.

Robin said...

also: "Breckman Pie" (Andymerican Pie?) is awesome.