Happy Note

After a long week of lies told and paradigms ruptured, I like to relax with some nice, old-fashioned anecdotal humor. Flyover-approved, for the online listeners.

Hiding Lite Brites: OUT.
Imaginary Kids: IN.


Robin said...

See now, I like Reader's Digest. Life In These United States or Humor In Uniform always rang true to me. It's old-fashioned in an unprecious way.

Robin said...

Gothamist picked up on the story, I figured they would. They're trendsters!


Emerson Dameron said...

Yeah, but Metropolitan Diary is set in Manhattan, which makes it infinitely superior to any similar thing anywhere else in the world.

Robin said...

Are you saying that with consternation?

Robin said...

The Huffington Post dude incorrectly identified Andrea as saying the "paradigms ruptured" phrase, and also acted like it was not sarcasm, which it clearly is.

I still like the Huffington Post though. It's just odd how so many things get mixed up.