Memory Challenge

December 20, 2006: David Herman, Superstar

Seven Second Delay has wrapped for 2006 and Andy and Ken can barely remember three shows they did this year, or well, one, even. How about you? You probably can, actually. Also you can cheat. So instead let's name our three favorite shows from 2006. (Reruns don't count.)

Watch me go!

1. How Big Is Your Cubicle?
2. Father's Day Advice, Part Two
3. We ID Movie Song Snippet


jwgh said...

I guess I have to list the one I called in on The Karaoke Show (with special guest host Kenny G). Also, the bar bets show was fun, and it was fun when Kelly Jones and Bronwyn filled in with an episode of the Dating Game, an event which Andy will probably never let Kelly forget about.

Robin said...

1. I Can't See For Miles
2. Guessing Genders (due to Voice Masking)
3. McDonald's Tug o'War!
(I liked it AND I got my $1.50 back. Is that wrong?)

Anonymous said...

1. How Big Is Your Cubicle?
2. Kelly Jones is Andy's co-host for this week's program
3. Bar Bets

Emerson Dameron said...

"David Herman, Superstar" deserves credit as an amazing save, a lousy premise that became one of the most intense interviews I've heard lately, full of sincerity and insecurity.

I also enjoyed the Father's Day advice on disposing of a dead intruder.

Robin said...

David Herman called twice in 2 weeks. Or was that his friend last week, from Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison?

Anonymous said...

I take it that Andy didn't go with Al on the U.S.O. tour this year.
That's too bad because I wanted to know how those new hydrogen fuel cell tanks are catchin on. Lord knows ya gotta keep up with those greenouse gas emissions.

Listener Terry said...

Hey, Listener Terry here. Just to set the record straight, David Heman only called in once. The week before was my call on his behalf (unbeknownst to him) promoting his website for the 15 Seconds of Fame show. I still haven't heard from Ken about whether I'll actually receive anything for "winning". Doesn't matter, really, cause "I Love The Show (Can't Believe I Got Through)"TM

Marc said...

Andy said he was thinking about doing an open mic night with his ventriloquist act on Thursday Dec. 28. Anyone know know if this is happening and where?