Okay, blog buddies, let's post all of our greatest Seven Second Delay show ideas here. We will do another post in a few weeks for all of our worst show ideas... though the two categories sure seem to blend together sometimes.


Jacob Haller said...

After 'Radio Word Search vs. Breaking News' in May of last year, I emailed some show ideas to Ken. Looking back at them, none of them are very good, but I reproduce my email here for what it's worth.
I was listening to Seven Second Delay last night and was impressed at how your will to live seemed to drain away every time Andy started reading the letters in the word search. It was really something.

Anyway, I was talking to a couple of friends online this morning and we tried to come up with some ideas that you and Andy might be able to try out sometime in the future.

I'm not sure how good the ideas are, but I feel pretty confident that they are better than Radio Word Search, so hopefully they will be of some use.

* The first idea is for a Ken vs. Andy show. Listeners would call in with a pair of words, and you and Andy would have to bet on which words would get more hits on Google. (For instance, searching for monk gives 'Results 1 - 10 of about 7,120,000' and searching for csi gives 'Results 1 - 10 of about 6,590,000', so whoever picked 'Monk' would win.

* Another Ken vs. Andy idea was to have listeners call in with a somewhat uncommon word, and you guys would have to call businesses around the New York area and try to get whoever answers the phone to use the word without using it yourselves.

A couple of problems with this are that it is sort of prank callish and since the show is on at 6 pm most businesses will be closed. A different spin on this idea would be for you to pick words out of the dictionary and then try to get callers to say the words without saying them yourselves. That might be a little too Groucho Marx though.

* Supposedly any two randomly chosen people are almost always linked by a chain of no more than six acquaintances (so you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows me). So get two callers. The first says a few things about him or herself, and then the second tries to think of someone who might know the first guy. You then call that person and repeat until you've found the link.

* This is similar to the time that Bronwyn and Kelly guest-hosted the show, but perhaps you could have a show where you and Andy tried not to use words containing a common letter. Since your name has the letter 'e' that probably isn't a good choice, so maybe the forbidden letter should be 't'. This would probably confuse people who started listening to the show late, and that's always good fun.

* Have you ever done a show where you read listener mail and respond to it on-air?

I hope these ideas are of use. We tried to come up with ideas that would require little to no preparation.

Listener Jake (along with Listener Joe and Listener Dag)

Emerson Dameron said...

The Andy stand-up show. Andy does an hour (minus foreplay) of stand-up. Callers call in to heckle him, and Ken pots up and down the holy laughter at will.

Eric said...

It's been posted on this blog before, but I'd like to reiterate the idea of the Andy cook-off. A slew of basic ingredients are brough into the studio, callers call in with dishes, and Andy tries to creat them.

It's a radio sight gag, but you never really know which shows will work once they get going.

Rick said...

Another puppet-master episode. Andy speaks through Ken with co-host Kelly. Ken would probably refuse, of course.

And speaking of co-hosts, where's Arnon?

Anonymous said...

worst show idea:

the progeny show - ken's kids and andy's kids host and the listener's kids call in

best show ideas:

the brave andy show - andy interviews salif keta, johnny winter and yellowman (live in the studio). the last half of the show sees them all singing Andy's songs, blues, griot or reggae-style - listeners choice.

the wicked show - andy and ali g take turns insulting ken and the callers

the love show - andy tries to interview courtney love

robin.g said...

Bring back Arnon! He must be 20 years old now.

And I love voice-masking. It's like Comedy Helper!

Dan F said...


Two different listeners that are friends or spouses call in and try to work out a personal detail to say in order to differentiate the genuine article from a doppleganger! Hijinks ensue.

Darwin said...

I too loved the voice-masking. I'd love to hear more of it. It's just inherently entertaining.

time to pounce! said...

Can we get Andy to sing some of his folk songs? They're funnier than anything he does on the program. Perhaps they can do a "call out" program (call-in is hopeless, given the size of the audience), trying to get people to contribute lyrics for a new song.

"Yes, ma'am, we're writing a protest song, could we persuade you to let us know something you would like protested?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe this has been done before, but a show where Ken and Andy switch personas for an hour might be funny. It would sort of a show-within-a-show because they'd have to have an actual topic in order to play out their switched personae.

There would be a scoring system in which points would be awarded for each instance in which Ken or Andy says something that is particularly typical of what the other would say. Conversely, points would be deducted every time they said something "out of character".

You'd need an impartial judge, as well. Finding someone who would be fair to Andy might be difficult.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the switch personas idea.

and the listeners are the judges

anonymice have the best ideas

SueB said...

giggle show-

andy tells jokes to make girls giggle and ken records.

Anonymous said...

They should do a homeland security community service show where people are encouraged to turn in their neighbors as enemy combatants.

patrick said...

i agree with 'subject.' a somehow 'national security'-themed show would be happening.

Trrrrrrrrrristan said...

Some ideas I've sent in, reproduced:
*I was listening to the Contractual Obligation Show, and you had Andy talking to Automated Andy. And I had an idea.

Let's say you get four callers: A, B, C and D. They talk to either Automated Andy or Andy, as decided by coin toss. At the end of the call they review the Andy they talked to and give a score. It's like the cola challenge. You don't tell them who they're talking to, but it should be obvious. And, considering you are controlling Automated Andy, if he wins, you win the show, Ken.

*Okay, this is a bit weird. But I think it's easy enough to do. You pick two words. When these words are said, one or both of you get hurt somehow. It would kind of be like Russian Roulette. You tell audience the idea, but not the words, and it's up to them to guess. For instance, round one would be "Mother, Car, Hamburger" Where Mother gets a pinch/slap/shock for you, Ken, Car gets one for both of you, and Hamburger gets one for Andy. What would happen would be Andy trying to get people to say "Mother" and you trying to get them to say "Hamburger" and both of you trying to steer away from "Car". Each time someone gets hurt opposite team gains a point and you lose a point. Each "Car" garners only a loss in points. Multiple rounds in case someone calls up and says "The Words Are: blank, blank and blank". We've seen that the 7 Second Delay auidience isn't too keen on deduction with all the IQ shows you've done, so this one might be fun.

*I thought you could do an entire show where you ask listeners to call up, and then you would do your best to act like Andy and vice versa. Some variants on the idea: you could each mask your voice and have listeners call up and you would act like Andy or he would act like you. Then the listener guesses which one is the real one after a series of questions. That way it could be a Ken Versus Andy episode, and you know how much we love those. Or you could just do the whole show swapped, although I would imagine being an irresponsible "engineer" would be tough on you and being nice would be excruciating on Andy. But then, that's why we like him.

(Note: they did this episode, titled "Voice Masking" but didn't get around to my idea until the very end. That was when it took off.)

Emerson Dameron said...

The Apology Hour.

Andy and Ken spend an hour calling people they've wronged and saying they're sorry. They don't have to mean it, necessarily, but they have to sound sincere.

The lines will be open for anyone who wants to apologize to Ken or Andy.

All of the Twelve Steps have 7SD potential.

Anonymous said...

Using the 12-steps (together or seperately) is a genius idea. In its way it would revisit the ten-commandments format, which was a great success. Why not also try to disprove each of the Buddha's four noble truths, or to demonstrate the inefficacy of each of the habits of highly effective people? Or perhaps these concepts could all be put up for debate as in the 'proverbial debates' show, which was itself a classic with potential for several repetitions. There are so many more proverbs to be debated, and the listener-debate format generates a lot of dynamic material and plenty of zinger-fodder quite easily.