LIVE SHOW: Gary Panter, Jay Rosen, Carla Rhodes & Sore Eros

Ken and Andy will be hosting the show live from the stage of the UCB Theater on Wednesday, March 21st at 6pm.

Joining KEN and ANDY will be...  

...underground comic God
...won three Emmy awards for his set design work on Pee Wee's Playhouse
...member of the psyc-folk trio Devin Gary & Ross
...his exhibit Joshua White and Gary Panter’s Light Show will be up at MOCAD in Detroit through the end of April

JAY ROSEN critic, a writer, and a professor of journalism at NYU
...runs the weblog PressThink, about what's happening to journalism in the age of the net 

...a rock 'n' roll ventriloquist & comedienne
...dubbed by New York Magazine as one of the "Ten New Comedians That Funny People Find Funny" 

SORE EROS indie band from western mass
...called "a band truly doing their own thing in a time of much retro posturing"

The UCB Theater is located at 307 West 26th Street in Manhattan [MAP], near the corner of 8th Avenue. Admission $5, and tickets are available at the theater before the show. RSVP on Facebook.


listener zero said...

Oh wow! I remember years ago, when they started doing the UCB shows, one of the first guests they were promoting was Gary Panter. Never happened. Looking forward to this.

listener zero said...

Oh, also a fan of Jay Rosen!

Andrea said...

You're right, Listener Zero! Andy made us cancel on Panter 2 years ago because his work was "too visual." So glad he came around, and we can finally have Panter on the show!