LISTEN BACK: Kurt Braunohler, Elna Baker, and the Bandana Splits

November 1, 2011: Live from the UCB Theater with Kurt Braunohler, Elna Baker and the Bandana Splits

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Photos by John Dalton

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Anonymous said...

Monk-y prattled on an on about his very original show idea "Spit Take" and I'm wondering why he didn't remember the show 'Make Me Laugh' which I see according to IMDB was on in the 50s, the 70s _and_ the 90s. (I only remembered the middle one.)

Oh, then half way through the show he nonchalantly mentions 'Make Me Laugh.'

Jesus H.

Hey Breckman, I have a great show idea for you, you can have it for free. Two words: Talking Donkey. Not quite Francis the Mule, not quite Mr. Ed, but right up your originality alley. Call it 'Andy the Ass' and you can voice him yourself.