I'm Not Safe Anywhere

January 28. 2009

In a now-rare non-Maxwells show, Andy and Ken revisit a five-year old concept to the chagrin of hyper-attentive listener Zero. It's kind of strange in the current era of variety shows studio audiences to hear these guys do a show by themselves, like they did it consistently for the previous 17 years. Tonight was a retread of 2004's No-Tune-Out Celebrity-Spotting Show, in which Andy, Ken and the listeners relate mystery celebrity stories, threading the show with exciting cliffhangers. Probably unintentionally, the show ended on an actual cliffhanger when they ran out of time to call Andy's old phone number. What lies on the other line of that New Jersey exchange? Time will tell!

It will tell three weeks from now, or never, because on February 4 and 11, Seven Second Delay is back at Maxwells. The 11th will be as can't-miss as this show ever gets. It's Ken's 50th birthday and Andy is picking up the check. Ken gets roasted and Andy gets soaked. Be there!


Listener zero said...

Although it is fun to see the word "chagrin" being used, I really am not averse to concepts being rehashed. But I know Ken & Andy try to avoid repeating themselves, so I'll be sure to mention it when they do in order to add a little drama to the ongoing show. It's a little something called "good radio", I believe.

Anyway, it was a good show. But Andy still stinks at acting.

Duncan said...

Yes, I'm sorry for singling you out.

Also, I forgot to mention my favourite part of this show: Andy's weird coughing fit near the end that apparently prompts him to remember his old phone number.

JoeChrisMorris said...

Andys getting soaked?

Anonymous said...

I swear I thought that was Andy playing Pam Beesly's dad on the post-Superbowl "Office."

Turns out Rick Overton (Gung Ho, Beverly Hill Cop, Groundhog Day) looks like him in profile.