"New Fun" Is An Old-Funny Phrase...

October 15, 2008: Pre-Presidential Debate Buzzword Bingo

To the right of center square is Alison McHose, Representative of New Jersey's 24th District and John McCain supporter. To the left of center square is Mark Alexander, a Seton Hall University law professor and Barack Obama’s senior policy advisor as well as official state director for his campaign. Either of those boxes is a free space. Your choice.

Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman declared on this week's installment of Prank Patrol as one full hour of what-they-call "new fun."

But let's look at the facts, shall we:

The show centered around a game of Buzzword Bingo using the exponentially valuable time of hard-working campaigners, a practice of folly used by the boys back in 1996 for zits-n-giggles at the expense of an innocent, young, crowned representative of the Garden State...

Andy Breckman brought his own "new fun" to the proceedings in the form of sabotage. Hmmm, seems like the same fun Mr. Breckman employed HERE!

... and HERE!

... and HERE!

... and HERE!


Will there be any next week, when you invite listeners to a live broadcast at Hoboken's famed Maxwell's nightclub? Okay, you win. You go have "new fun" there while I cut and paste the details from three blogposts past:

When: Wednesday, October 22nd from 5:45-7pm
Where: Maxwell's (1039 Washington St.) in Hoboken
RSVP: Let ANGE know you can make it.

SPOILER ALERT: The winner of this episode: Ken; I do admit, THIS IS FUN!!!!


JoeChrisMorris said...

Very telling indeed!

wellbasically said...

That arguing part was funny and the oil on the cat was funny. This wasmy favorite show in s while even if those politicla people were kind of dull.

JoeChrisMorris said...

Bush can't run for reelection can he?
Just checking

Harrison said...

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed current events and/or popular culture filtered through the cheesecloth that is Ken and Andy. This turned out to be a quite enjoyable episode especially considering how cringe-worthy the concept seemed going in.