Vacation Plans

It has been rough for a lot of us. No new shows until September.

What to do?

How about using the newish officially sanctioned exhaustive episode guide? This online version is the crossbreed of Duncan's diligent list,'s records, and the recently acquired DAT list straight from Ken's files.

USE! Links to archived and blogged shows.
CLICK! Tabs to peruse by year.
LEARN! When shows were rebroadcasted.
DISCUSS! With other viewers (like that's necessary).
COMPLAIN! To me (aclomeli at gmail dot com) if you find errors.

Any input to fill in the gaps will be greatly appreciated. In coming days, look for a perma-link on our site's right margin.

For the record (at least for now):


Austin said...

Someone asked how fit in. On the 1999-2001 pages there is a link to the version of the old 7sd site.

Also, please note the tabs at the bottom of the episode guide to see past years' shows.

Duncan said...

I must check in for the public record to say that this is a herculean feat and awesome.

Andyroid said...

So, is there any way that we'll get to hear some of these older, un-archived episodes? I'm willing to help convert stuff to MP3s if I can get copies of tapes, or whatever.

Shaun said...

So when are you going to put up the link on the side bar?

Martin Gumucio said...

Amazing work, well done!