Special Guest Scott Powers

August 6, 2008: Andy Learns To Act

The guest tonight was Scott Powers of Scott Powers Studios. In addition to being an accomplished figure in the entertainment world, he's also the author of Here's Looking at You: The Actor's Guide to Commercial Print, a MENSA member, and a hand model. Yes, a hand model. It's his lovely finger that once tickled the Pillsbury Doughboy! I know!

Right now he is casting for an Alexander Kogan music video, and looking for actors 18-30 year olds. For more information, you should visit Scott Powers Studios, and sign up for his mailing list.


Kyle said...

What?!! That was the last show until September??!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Kyle. I see you have found this week's fatal flaw.


Joe said...

well at least Grandma Phyllis turned up!

The boys haven't done a bad show for a while

Oh! Hair in Central Park is COOL. Check it out. Check it out NOW!!

Duncan said...

Listening to it now and man that Scott Powers is pretty insufferable.

Raj said...

To me, that was the first time in a while that Andy's "bombast" charm, attitude and zingers made the show. He had me figuratively rolling on the floor.

Second in line, Grandma Phyllis. "You go, girl!"

Sorry to say, Powers made me cringe throughout the hour. Couldn't see myself take a whole class under his tutelage. Kinda see him hanging with Michael Pollack, kinda in an "Easy Rider/Thelma and Louise" setting.

At least their endings. (Ah, that was mean....)

Erech said...

Listening to the podcast now, and I concur on the Scott Powers thing, this is awkward.

SueB said...

funniest show in a long time. Do u think ken surprised by how many laughs he gets?

Robert Goodman said...

New slogan for Ivory soap: All the other brands smell like dead people masturbating. (Maybe that was the smell my customer in Tampa was complaining about in my bubble mixture; she makes "intimate cleanser" out of it after she perfumes it.)

C'm'on guys, Scott Powers played "insufferable" perfectly. It's pure schtick. Great show to close the season.

Cheerios said...

Thanks for a great show, sorry to hear you wont be gracing my ipod until september.

Grandma Phyllis should be a recurring feature of the show!