Live Studio Audience Tonight!

So I've done my darnedest this week to woo all sorts of cool kids to what Tom Sharpling is calling "Ken and Andy's geriatric cuddle party" tonight.

Here are the rules for tonight's show:

$4.23 for each member of the studio audience
$7.00 for Grandmothers
$0.10 per phone call
$0.05 per comment made to the show's interactive playlist

Don't forget: Andy makes a very handsome living. Call screener Jeff is paying off student loans and I still live with my Grandmother!

Hope you can all get involved tonight. Can't wait to see your pretty faces in the studio audience, hear your honey rich voices on the phone lines, and spot your zingers as they fly across the live playlist.


jwgh said...

Good luck!

Raj said...

Nice "Coal Miner's Daughter" pose in that shot, Ange!!!

Joe said...

I think I particularly enjoyed the moment in the show when Andy put his head into his hands

He also did that a week or two ago, which was also pretty fun

Good show today - I disagree: the last few shows have been hoots. To be honest, I thought the show was dead some months ago and was wondering why Ken & Andy were even bothering

Especially that train wreck show.. oo boy.. Andy apologized at the end of that; even he felt bad