August 8, 2007: Sneezing at Embassies

In this episode, Ken and Andy recommend various international travel destinations based on, on Eeh'choo!... sorry, I must be coming down with something.

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Anonymous said...

chugga chugga choo ch. . .blam!

listener Stan said...

Everyone loved Jordan so much last week, but this pathetic show was probably indirectly her fault. Afterall, she brought up "The Taking of Pelham one two three."

Anonymous said...

I need more cowbell

SueB said...

I never say 'bless you', I never say "how are you?" when I don't care to hear an answer and
I do not rub rabbits feet either.

does this make me weird?

Joe said...

It wasnt a bad show, per se, but I cant imagine someone listening to it again and again

It was just stupid. Neither of the silly billies knew what they were doing (with regard to actually calling the embassies). An idea that probably sounded good before the show but was just half baked and a failure

Not an outright car crash disaster show then!

joe2 said...

I liked it...and I'm not even sorry about that.