Pet Sounds

August 15, 2007: Today's Programme

If you listen to this week's episode, you are going to hear the following words used repeatedly:

I may not always love you
But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
I'll make you so sure about it
God only knows what I'd be without you

If you listen to next week's episode, you will possibly hear all of these words strung together.

Also, a listener has recently contacted me with the astute observation that the word "there" might have been sung by rock star and frequent WFMU contributor Ted Leo. How great is that? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced it's teddy rockstar

Anonymous said...

Are you *sure?* I'm almost positive that it is.

Joe said...

Wait! 'There' was mine.
Wait. No it wasn't.
I'm not sure the show worked. Thoughts anyone? I mean, I called in several times out of pity, just cos it was such a wreck of a show (not a good train wreck of a show, like Parent Impressions, just a sad train wreck, rather like audio word search, which rather made you feel like slashing your wrists

It looks like the ideas are being talked about a bit more, and not just sprung on Ken a few moments before the program begins (wait! thats what happened during the Gesundheit hour (Christ)

I withdraw my question

dan said...

after the previous (embassy sneeze) show, this was genius but where's the finished product? and why do I care? also, when are the older 7SD archives going to become available? and again, why do I care?

Joe said...

Only you can answer that question son

dan said...

true, I guess it's because it's really damn entertaining sometimes. but other times it's not but I still love it for some reason and honestly don't know why. I work from home and succumb to S.L.H.S. (sad and lonely hippy syndrome) at times I guess. A friend of mine also works from home and sometimes listens to the traffic report for extended periods of time just to have other human voices around him (no joke). I recommended he listen to Kenny G instead.

Joe said...

I remember that show by Kenny G!
That was a little odd cos the weather was on a constant loop and totally different to what the weather was outdoors!
I thought at first I had tuned in to 1010 Wins!

Anonymous said...

My theory with the show is that it is, in fact, completely indestructible. Reason being that no matter how bad it gets, it's still Ken and Andy talking. Andy makes me laugh even during the biggest, most egregious train wrecks.

SueB said...

Just listened to DIY

You really started something Andy
or, rather, listener Zero

Joe said...

I just wish the guys would take some more time to work out the show. Cos the show isn't shooting on all cylinders these days. They should spend more time getting together and talking about what works. And I'm not sure Ken always knows what works for the show (maybe hes too close to it? Andy of course doesn't listen to the show (and has the station taped up in his car so he never accidentally turns it on) Thankfully however there hasn't really been a terrible terrible show of late (the audio word search - even when that was going on Andy and Ken knew it was dire - that tape should have a skull and crossbones poison logo on it). Its a good show, but it needs retooling. Maybe a new name, or a new them song (Andy doing "If I only had a brain" from Don't get killed? "American Pie"?) Or maybe going back to the name Happiness Hut, or the wonderful Two Fat Hawaiian Guys Who Know Karate. Perhaps they can have the 2 fat Hawaiian guys (or male models, or little girls) doing the show with Ken and Andy doing the vocal interaction by walkie talkie?

Joe said...

Of the train wrecks, I think the parent impressions was the best. Not a bad idea (rather like the Living Will show, which also didnt generate a lot of callers but a decent idea) but just the spectacle of two grown men desperately filling in time cos two thirds of the way into the program noone had yet called! Andy going on about how his late father had been impersonated by his neighbor Mr Corkrin, who had taken him in all those years, eating pancakes at his house mornings. I think Andys daughter was there as well, and at the 40 minute mark he was begging for calls out of pity as he had told her he had a popular show for the station(!!) Of course the worst show was the audio word search, which left me (and I'm sure most listeners) just feeling sad, rather like the Nurembourg trials did for the survivors of World War 2.

Jay said...

Listening to the Do or DIY the next week was faaaaabulous! If you haven't heard it, grab it from the archives. Not sure which week it is, but it starts with the song. Andy's version is a bit into it.

I agree we could stand some more preparation. This show idea was good, but it needed better execution. Thank Vicky for salvaging it, really.

I really enjoyed last year's NYT debacle, tho' hopefully Andrea wasn't permanently scarred. But hey, that's the sort of high risk no holds barred attitude that makes for great radio. That and nanny torturing.