David Herman, Superstar

Last week, you heard none other than David Herman on our very own Seven Second Delay. This in depth interview was made possible by devoted Listener Terry. You may know Superstar David Herman from such classic films as Office Space and Idiocracy. You can this exclusive interview here (RealAudio) or here (MP3).

Just to remind you, the next two episodes (12/27/06 and 1/3/07) will be reruns. If this gets too unbearable, and you just have to hear Andy's voice live, try tracking him (and his little doll) down by searching through every NYC comedy club that has an open mic night on Thursdays.


Robin said...

I always had a crush on Michael Bolton.
(last post deleted for spelling misteak.)


jwgh said...

Has anyone seen Idiocracy? Is it any good?

Listener Terry said...

Hey, Listener Terry here. Check the clubs in NYC all you like, David lives in Austin, Texas. His website is listed in the Fifteen Seconds of Fame post (DavidFreddy.com). It looks like he already has a gig. Go to his site and wish him (and Jofus) Good Luck!
p.s. Being in one of the seven (!) cities that actually screened "Idiocracy" I got a chance to see it and I have to say that there is some very funny stuff in it. It's no "Office Space", but it's better than most of the crap that was released last year. Look for "Idiocracy" on DVD in January.
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Robin said...

I think the NYC comments were geared toward finding Andy at an open mike, not David.

Listener Terry said...

Yeah, I'm an idiot. On re-reading the post I saw that. I don't know how to edit the post, though, to correct my misteak[sic]. Oh, well.
[Brought to you by Carl's Jr.]

Anonymous said...

David and Jofus are a genius.