Kelly Jones is vivacious. She somehow made it through this show despite Andy calling her adult relations whoring, offering listeners months in her bed, and encouraging potential stalkers to call her for dates. You can hear them chat about everything from dating to death here (RealAudio) and here (MP3).

Purple Nurple: The act of grabbing and twisting a nipple of another person, one's self, and even occasionally other mammals.
Logan's Run: A science fiction flick from 1976 that takes place in a fictional world where life must end at thirty.
The Nerve Speck Com: Where Andy met his lovely wife.
Take it easy, but take it: Andy's new catch phrase.

In this spirit of new knowledge, you should check out this article on the Coriolis effect. It explains, "The effects of Coriolis - when the rotating earth causes the winds to deflect to the right in the northern hemisphere and the left south of the equator - on baths of water, at whatever distance from the equator, is minimal." If this information seems completely random to you, then you haven't heard the International Bathroom Club show. Special thanks to listener David for this suggestion.


Anonymous said...

I like the shows with Kelly (and she should get her own program) but you got to admit that Ken has more experience to pressure Andy out of the foreplay and into the actual topic of the show.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great show and nothing wrong with some extended foreplay. I learned more about Andy with Kelly's persistence than in several shows with Ken. Having said that, Ken & Andy do have a well practiced chemistry and I look forward to their return.

listener vince said...

I love Kelly. I think she has a great style and wit. She is very funny and has an infectious laugh. I always enjoyed the shows she did with Bronwyn in the past and think she should come back to the station. Maybe even do that show again.
I think she was great with Andy and I did not mind the foreplay. That said Ken and Andy have a great chemistry.
Maybe Andy can do 2 shows a week – hahahahaha he can barely make it to this one!

Anonymous said...

Love the show.

I never heard of Purple Nurple growing up in the Midwest. We always called 'em "Tittie Twisters"

robin.g said...

Andy was on Nerve speck com the same time I was. I missed out!

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for poor Beth, having to take the flak for Andy's whoring and other comments.

Perhaps there should be a show on the various types of 'tortures' inflicted by young'uns on young'uns. Wet Willies, Tittie Twisters, etc.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great. Thanks.

David said...

Kelly is a ray of sunshine.

SueB said...

When it comes down to it, as it often does, I usually root for Andy but when Kelly is there, she gets my vote.

(I would have called in for Kelly, but i listen in podcast so i can't call w/o confusing some other random DJ)