Andy Breckman Found Hiding in a Herald Square Subway Station

Andy and his favorite touring buddy Don McLean are featured on a recently rediscovered 1980 poster advertising a Concert For a Non-Nuclear Decade.

In response to the discovery, Gothamist commenters are now sharing their McLeanodotes. Commenter chameleonz writes --
Don McLean WAS a family friend years ago until my uncle realized he was completely out of touch with reality. He used to constantly mumble to himself and curse under his breath. I thought he had Tourette Syndrome or was just insane.
 And Robert counters --
I have been a friend of Don McLean for over 20 years - I have found him to be a kind and generous man who loves his family and respects his fans - I value his friendship , admire his wonderful talent but most of all defend him against the likes of Breckman -one thing for sure - Don McLean does not suffer fools kindly - nuff said.
If you want to suffer some fools, check out this Wednesday's live show with Judah Friedlander, TMBG and David Rees. RSVP on Facebook.

[via reddit, gothamist]