Next Week's Musical Guest: Dinosaur Feathers! Or is that Dragon Feathers?

It's Monday afternoon, so that means all you nerds out there are still scratching your heads, thinking "I can't believe they killed that guy!" on Game of Thrones last night! I mean, come on, that, uh, guy... he was so important! And my favorite character! I have to stop watching the show now! (Full disclosure, I haven't started watching season 2 yet, so I don't know if anyone important's actually been offed yet... no spoilers please!)

Brooklyn's Dinosaur Feathers are all too familiar with George R.R. Martin's tendency to kill seemingly pivotal characters, and they took their frustrations into the recording studio last year:


It's a catchy ode to fantasy epics that worries that George R.R. Martin's next shocking death very well could be his own! And before he's finished what started as a mere trilogy and just keeps on expanding (#6 and 7 still beyond the horizon).

Dinosaur Feathers just released a new LP, Whistle Tips on the Ernst Jenning recording label. Here's the first single from the album, "Untrue":

The day after performing on Seven Second Delay (i.e. Thursday, May 3rd), Dinosaur Feathers will be playing at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn along with I'm Turning Into, the Hairs, and Shark?.

For more info on Dinosaur Feathers, head on over to their website: Hey, look at that, we're not the only ones still stuck on Blogger!