Seven Second Delay Live 1/26 with Charlie Todd, Lang Fisher and Beth Sorrentino

Join us for Seven Second Delay's next live show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre ..... featuring Lang Fisher, writer for the Onion News Network, Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, and Beth Sorrentino, a singer-songwriter.

The UCB Theatre is located at 307 West 26th Street in Manhattan [MAP], near the corner of 8th Avenue. Admission $5, and there's no early bird special, you old fart. RSVP on Facebook.


Bryn said...

sorry this is unrelated to this show, but was just wondering if anyone remembered the show where Ken and Andy accidently started 'Dead Air Chicken' with Andy "not" realizing it. :) If you could let me know that would be 'pppreeeciated

Paul said...

Long time reader, first time blogger.

Did last night's show actually take place, and if so, was it recorded? I missed my 7SD fix :o(

Paul said...

Bryn - it's January 5, 2011: Andy & Ken live (no concept yet)