Our boys featured on iTunes

While perusing the iTunes Podcast directory today I happened to notice that our favorite podcast is listed in the Staff Favorites section of the iTunes music store!

Apparently someone at Apple has taste.  I bet it's Steve Jobs who's the fan.

If you have iTuens, you can check out the 7SD listing on iTunes (and leave a review) by CLICKING HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Bring back Telstar as a theme song!

Go to Hell
On Seven Second Delay
The Program That Wont Go Away
Andy and Ken
Are Clueless and When
They Put You're On The Air
You'll Lose
The Will To Live Again
And Then
You'll Find The Fatal Flaw
You'll Try to beg and Plead
No More!

You Have No Choice
So Listen and Suffer
We've Got Nothing Much to Say
On Seven Second Delay

Go To Hell
It Must Be Wednesday Night
We're Here to Win The Fight
With You!
We're Uncle Andy
And Little Buddy Ken
Mommy's, Hide Your Kids Away
It's Seven Second Delay

Andy's Jokes
They Can Bore You to Tears
Have you Ever Heard One Hour
Pass Along in Dog Years?
All Your Worst Fears

Ken Can Go
And Stick It To The Man
Cause He's the Kind of Man Who Can
Andy's Fantathtick
At Making Ken Spathtick
With Poco Records That We Play
On Seven Second Delay

We're Got Nothing Much to Say
On Seven Second Delay

We're So Glad We Get Away
With Seven Second Delay