Maxwells, Home of The Andy Breckman

October 22, 2008: Inventing The Andy Breckman, Live From Maxwells in Hoboken

It's been a long time coming, but finally there is a drink to commemorate the mind behind True Identity, I.Q., Arthur III, and Hot Hero Sandwiches.

The Andy Breckman
  • 2 oz Kahlua
  • 8oz Chocolate Milk
  • Dash of Bitters
Want to make your Seven Second Delay binge complete? Don't forget to throw in these concoctions:

The Ken Freedman
  • 1 can of Sprite
  • Leave can open for 3 days
The Gramma Phyllis
After the drink is invented, it's an Andy vs The Audience show. Andy circulates around the room in a battle of the minds in the same top form he had displayed during The Make You Say "No" Game (with Tom Scharpling from July 2001). Until, young, basement drunkard Harry Freedman throws down the gauntlet to make things interesting (which is often uncharted territory for the show) and challenges Andy to a final tête-à-tête. In the end, Harry prevails and Andy is forced to buy the crowd a round of $7 Andy Breckmans.

As they say in my country, "This is like communion. Is there anybody that's got something communicable?"

Thanks again to John for documenting the magic. Check out his Flickr.


Listener Greg said...

Dear 7SD,
I had so much fun on Wednesday.

Mr. Zelda the Transformer

Raj said...

me show. Everyone seemed to have fun. And nice to hear Laurie from Miami sans telephone reception.

Harry rules! (You laugh but...)

Raj said...

NICE show, rather...

JoeChrisMorris said...

me nice show also, it goes without saying

a show in the next fortnight there sounds fine, though heaven knows if I can find someone to go with!