With a Little Help from My Friends

September 10, 2008: The Beatles Reunion Show

Introducing... The Beatles!

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

Richard Starkey

Performing their tune "With a Little Help from My Friends":

[Right Click to Download]

And, yes, I donated $100 of Andy's money to Victory Junction Gang Camp, In Memory of The Beatles.


jwgh said...

Rock on, guys.

Raj said...

Someone tell the guy with the cap to put his shoes back on...

Joe said...

All together now!

JoeChrisMorris said...

According to Mojo magazine, the Beatles catalog is being remastered for 2009 release

Anonymous said...

Youre telling me that 1) all these guys have facebook?? and 2) they were are born vaginally!!

no f-ing way

JoeChrisMorris said...

I was born vaginally but raised Caesarian