Reflecting on Past Fill-ins

While Ken and Andy are away, here's a little something I've been meaning to post here for quite some time now. Remember when Dave and Andy filled in for Seven Second Delay after pitching Ken on the Speed Auditions episode? I ran into the guys around WFMU after the experience and tricked them into letting me interview them for the blog. Here's how it went.

Also, if you're fiending terribly for the show, I strongly recommend listening to Ken's recent broadcast of his show from a rowboat on Lake Owassa.


Jon said...

How come you only podcast Ken and Andy and not the fill-in hosted shows?

jwgh said...

WFMU policy seems to be that if you fill in for another show then that day's archives go on your page, not on the show's page. (So when Kelly and Bronwyn filled in last time the show was linked to from Bronwyn's page, not from the SSD page.)

This sort of makes sense, in that if you're following a particular DJ you can find all their stuff on one page, but it's also kind of confusing.