This is Grandma Phyllis! Who are yew?!

July 23, 2008: This is Grandma Phyllis

Last night, Grandma called me over because she was having trouble with her printer. I asked her what she was trying to print, assuming that it was her usual airplane or theater tickets. And, what do I see up on her screen? Last week's live playlist! She loved all of your comments so much, she wanted to take them off her computer and have them for keeps. "Is that terribly vain?" she asked. Absolutely not, I told her. Absolutely not.

The night of the show, I wanted to remember every little detail, so I brought along my recording gear with plans to make this multi-media blog post. On the PATH train from Manhattan to Jersey City, I asked permission to begin the interview.

As we approached the Exchange Place station, I tried to tell her a bit about WFMU.

When we got the radio station, Grandma Phyllis hit both the buzzer and the elevator button. She wasn't nervous at all.

After the show, Andy and I chatted in the stairwell about the show.

In our Town Car ride home to the Upper East Side (so kindly called and paid for by Andy!), Grandma Phyllis opened up with me about the experience of being on the show.

Thank you all so much for your enthusiastic response to last week's show. As we said last week, Grandma Phyllis is in fact returning this Wednesday, July 30th to do it all over again. She will be be joined by someone... (maybe Clay Pigeon!). Be sure to call-in and comment away. It delights her so.


jwgh said...

Thanks for the peek behind the scenes! I really enjoyed last week's show and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens this week.

Fatty Jubbo said...

holy smokes! grandma phyllis AND clay pigeon?! that will be a great show.

Helen said...

Maybe this is too obvious, but wouldn't it be great to have Grandma Phyllis, Bronwyn, and Kelly together? Although it could be dangerous, FCC-wise.

Andrea, thanks for sharing your grandma with us, and the behind-the-scene comments. It's sweet that she was so affected by the experience.

Joe said...

Bet you your grandma gets more calls than Ken and Andy USUALLY get!

I'm not being sarcastic

New Dylan bootleg volume 8 is due out October 7th. Woo hooo!