Seven Second Delay Minus Two Plus Two

July 30, 2008: Clay Pigeon & Grandma Phyllis Fill in for Seven Second Delay

[This show is available from the Dusty Show archives.]

Above: Clay Pigeon interviews brunette and sailors. Grandma Phyllis not pictured.

This sort-of-fill-in/sort-of-not episode of Seven Second Delay traded out Andy and Ken for Clay Pigeon and last week's Grandma Phyllis, with Andrea (and Ken, apparently) just kind of chilling in the background. If you enjoyed Grandma Phyllis last week, well, this show is like coming home. Clay, the director of the Grandma Phyllis Oral History Project, with some help from the listeners, engages Phyllis on discussions of New York, retirement and family. And whether WFMU is AM or FM radio. No way to settle that.

Let me tell you, if I was still in college, this show would be the best thing ever if I had to write a paper on Grandma Phyllis. Her wit and wisdom will be preserved for all time until the archive server crashes.

I can't wait until that one new caller tunes in next Wednesday. Get me a liveblog on that. Stat.


Junior Manta Fan Club Member #237 said...

Last night's episode was unbelievable. Clay Pigeon and Grandma Phyllis weren't like chocolate and peanut butter, they were like chocolate and still more chocolate.
My poor, shegetz* grandfathers would've approved.

*I looked it up.

Anonymous said...

The episode isn't on the archive!!! No archive, no podcast...what gives?

ANGE said...

Here it is, everyone:

To get the podcast you'll need to subscribe to Clay Pigeon's podcast over here:

(Though I don't think it's been posted yet.)

dave from knoxville said...

I want Clay Pigeon and Andy Breckman to co-host; I think Andy would be mystified by Clay, who would play it straight down the middle. It would be delicious.

PS. Just for one week; Ken does the greatest slowburn at WFMU, and I never want to be without it.

Listener Fantod said...

Where's the contempt for the listeners? Where's the Fatal Flaw? The 30 minutes of nobody calling about a topic not even Andy remembers?

Though I was glad to note that Grandma Phyllis, in an unwitting nod to 7SD tradition, refused to give the legal ID.

g.centauri said...

Grandma Phyllis sounds like everything anyone could ever want in a grandma. She warms my heart like a cup of hot cocoa. I loved the show.

JoeChrisMorris said...

You DO need Ken for the show - his slow burn rivals Edgar Kennedy in the old Marx Brothers films, where Harpo would be assaulting him and bothering him and burning his hat and he'd be doing his best just to ignore him!

I think Ken was revenged in the Greek Chorus show, particularly as he was having the audience throw back ALL of Andys lines BACK AT HIM!

("Is this going to be a long story?" etc etc!)