Join the BIGGEST Studio Audience Ever!

You're invited!

WHO: Listeners, strangers, whatever
WHERE: WFMU Studios in Jersey City, NJ
WHEN: Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 from 5:45-7pm
RSVP: To reserve your seat, e-mail ANGE

Feel free to bring every friend or family member you have. Grandparents encouraged!

Work at a Senior Center/Home near Jersey City
Teach or work in a daycare near Jersey City
Are willing to put up posters where you live/work
Are willing to stand outside of the station during next week's show with a sign that says, "Free Show until 7pm! Come on in!"
Have something free I can offer attendees
Write for a blog/local publication

I want to give Andy the gift of the greatest audience he's ever had-- so, thanks for your help, and hope to see you next week!


JoeChris said...

Has the show been better with a live audience?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You know this won't be a surprise if Andy reads the blog.

Ha ha, some times I crack me up.

Anonymous said...

That was the most fun I've had since the marathon finale at Maxwell's.
FMU is like a big happiness magnet. said...

Hi, I'm a LTLFTBlogger...etc. Listener Johnny, past contributor (built those record carts), big fan and presently devoted daddy and uncle. My 12 yr-old niece is visiting from down south and I think she'd enjoy visiting the station and seeing the show. Can we come? We'll bring cookies.

Robin said...

I cannot make it, but I expect you all to be awesome all the time. I will be listening.

JoeChrisMorris said...

You definitely should Johnny
Andys been very kind of late, even to the young (he isn't making them cry anymore!) since doing the live show

What I most enjoyed about the last show is when Andy was bullying Ken (!) pushing him and poking him (!!)

It was so ridiculous cos Kens rather laid back and mellow, and here was Andy pushing him and prodding him

Very silly indeed

Anonymous said...

And didn't Andy say that he would give Ange a nickel for every comment posted on this blog? Let's get cracking, people!!


Austin said...

Has the official 5¢/comment Andy Soaking begun? If so, nickel for my bosslady.

Joe said...

I thought it was a dime
As well as calls to the station, and comments on the live playlist as the shows going on

Ken said...

I think that the five cents per comment idea pertains to the interactive playlist for the show which appears on when the show goes live. And ten cents per call. And $4.23 per person in the studio.