Who rocks the party that rocks the body?

June 4, 2008: The SSD Meetup

Oh. It's on.

Ken and Andy spent the first half hour securing a location, and the second signing up possible guests for the potluck.

You! ... especially, if you are more fun than interesting.

The first, and probably last, Seven Second Delay House Party.

Next Wednesday. The show will be broadcast LIVE! Thanks to John's cable modem.

Mid-Manhattan. 54th and Broadway. If you are not a loser, email ken at wfmu dot org for a real address.

Because it is time to get dizzy to the rock n roll sounds of Andy's iPod.

We now have an unofficial Evite.


EclecticMuzikMan said...

Wish I could make it, but most likely will be unable to attend. My warmest regards. I'm not being sarcastic.

Duncan said...

I think next week is going to be pretty great.

By the way, my favorite part of this show was when Andy shouted "who's Andrea?" and sounded genuinely confused.

Andrea Silenzi said...

I'm so excited about the party! I'm going to make 'ants on a (b)log' -- is that joke terrible? Tell me if it's bad. If it is, I'll bring cookies instead, er, something...

Raj said...

Bad phrasing in dishes is not grounds for foregoing the recipe. KEN'S BRINGING SCOTCHAROOS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

The best part: "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????" "WE GOT NUTHIN"!!!"

Thanks for the shoutout, Ken! Hope Andy has fun. I'll be listening.

pfapfap said...

I clicked on the link and changed my reply and suddenly I was WFMU!

Come to my record fair!

Anonymous said...

hope someone snapped some pics of ken's stain

Joe Chris said...

Wonderful fun
Only wish I could've stayed longer but had to go see Hamlet in the Park
To another 17 years (when was the first 7SD date though, so I can put it on Wikipedia)

Andy was nervous, which was rather endearing. I felt so sad for Ken - what with the sofa collapsing under him

Kudos to all involved who made it happen.. and Andrea for asking Andy the hard questions he was putting out all the evening!

Did I miss the clog dancing?

Love to the silly billies, and to WFMU in general (bring back Chris T's Aerial View!!)

AB said...

This was the best episode in a long time. Let me put in a vote for this to be a yearly thing. It will be bigger than Comic-Con.

Ken said...

Andy loved this show, and not only does he want to do it again, he actually wants to maybe do a live remote on a monthly basis, or even invite people into the studio every week. If it prevents more train wrecks, I'm all for it also!

Henery said...

I'd say you're on to something there. It worked way better than I expected.

Ted said...

The born to run singalong was one of the most uplifting things i've heard in a while, this was the best, most fun SSD i've heard so far.

Joe said...

That was truly out of left field!

Was it a party celebrating the 17 years of 7SD or WFMU (50th) however? ;)

Anonymous said...

As long as ONCE Andy does the show from his house, I'm all for it.

Duncan said...

I think this show worked because all the people there were clearly fans of the show or at least understood how the show works and why it's funny. As opposed to the Cub Scout show which Ken alluded to.

I would love to hear more shows like this. I do agree though that one time Andy should do it from his house.

Thelonia's Dad said...

Plus, Ken's Scotcheroos really were great. Wow.

Anonymous said...

After the last run of three excellent shows, it will be genuinely disorienting if Andy doesn't sabotage the next one....Of course, I hope he doesn't, but I'm scared of the strange and unfamiliar new world that will unfold if 7SD actually has 4 good episodes in a row. I mean, in such a world, literally ANYTHING is possible...

Robin said...

Vodka is an important component to great radio.

Joe said...

I think the live format seemed to serve the show well, cos Andy could play to the fans

The only thing I was turned off by was all the shameless self promotion of peoples websites and all the rest of it. Enough people!

Joe Morris
Musicians Myspace:

Musicians Youtube channel: JoeChrisMorris
eBay user id: LoveDaCapo

Ken said...

This week will be a fill-in, as I am going out of town. Listener Dave, who "won" the speed auditions a few weeks back will be doing a one hour audition of his overnight paranormal show idea. Andy and I will be back live with a really cool idea for a show on June 25th.

Anonymous said...

As we are waiting, here's a picture of Andy's tattoo:


Joe said...

Hey! do the Zappa show listener Dave!
you can play Flo & Eddie, Captain Beefheart, and so forth related side men to Frank!

Anonymous said...

Robin is a weenie. I know 'cause I work for her at the supermarket company thingy. She knows what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Robin. Say something better.


PS - Ana looks at this blog and "encouraged" my inebriated self to make a pithy or succinct statement. Since I couldn't do that, I wrote the above comment.

PPS - It's actually red wine that makes the party.

PPPS - Eunice and I have set a wedding date. It's two weeks after my divorce from Ana goes through.

Joe said...

Yeah.. whats Robins problem?

Robin said...

Could every guy I ever worked with and currently work with stop calling me names? kthnxbye

Joe said...

Happy 60th Nick Drake
June 19, 1948 - November 25, 2008
RIP Nick. We love you brother

"And now we rise and we are everywhere
And now we rise from the ground"

Anonymous said...

George Carlin RIP

jwgh said...

Probably nobody will ever read this, but I wasn't sure where else to post this little story.

Every Tuesday there's a poetry open mike sort of thing at a local coffee shop, and the last Tuesday of every month it's a musical poetry open mike where a bass player accompanies the poets and singer/songwriters are also welcome. I've been a few times, and it's always been interesting and fun. (The first time I met a tall transsexual woman who I think might be named Genevieve (unless I'm thinking of someone else) who then subsequently came to my knitting group a few times.)

One nice thing about it from my perspective is that in general the people there are poets first and, at most, musicians second, so I have the unfamiliar sensation of being the best musician in the room. As such the audience is extra appreciative.

I decided I was in the mood to do a song I didn't write for once, so I got up to the mike and said, "I've played here a couple of times before, and both times I did original stuff, but if it's OK I'd like to do a song by Andy Breckman." A couple of people in the crowd cheered, and Genevieve (if that's her name) shouted out, "Railroad Bill?"

Railroad Bill it was. I thought that crowd would like it because it's about writing, more or less, and man was I right -- people laughed themselves silly. All praise to Andy Breckman!

After I did my song Genevieve came over to tell me that she enjoyed my performance of the song and said that she knew Andy when he was still a struggling folkie in New York -- it turns out that she used to be a bouncer at the (I think she said) Folk Palace where he used to play. We talked a little about his music, agreeing that his songs are clever and funny, and then the next act went up and the conversation ended.

And that's about where the story ends, too. Well, anyway.

dei xhrist said...

I nominate my house for the next meetup; I can fit 50 people inside and spill 20 outside, adequate parking, and absolutely inconvenient to Andy. Oh, and everyone else who uses the subway, unless they go to Chinatown and take the Fung Wa bus to Boston, then the commuter rail up to Lowell, then a bus up to NH, and then they gotta walk a mile and a half.

Come on, I'll make scotcharoos and west bank martinis!

Joe said...

So a party from Andys screening library in Madison is out then?

"Hey all you lonely hippies, get off my lawn!"