A Log On The Fire

Guess what book this is from. Thanks to Joe, who came through like a star in the previous post's comment thread.

So I moved along to Andy, a guy who created and wrote a popular TV show.

"How do you know hes not lying?" my sister Wendy asked.
"Because if he was lying he'd say he wrote for Seinfeld," I patiently explained.
Andy seemed like a distinct possibility. He was funny. He was warm. And he had a screening room in his basement

"He sounds like he may be the Guy," said Charlie over Tuesdays night takeout Mexican. "Maybe you two could get married and we could, you know, take turns using the screening room."

"You're kidding me, right?"

He turned me toward him, suddenly serious. "I love you, Isabel. You're the best thing thats ever happened to me. Ever. I only want whats best for you and the kids, and if you think the Cable Guy is it, then we can stop seeing each other and you can give it a shot."

But visions of Charlie in the screening room wouldn't go away, and after a few dates I asked Andy if we could take a hiatus for a couple of weeks as I had another "log" on the fire. When Charlie proved to be a disappointment...again, I found that Andy and his screening room had moved on.

I guess that's a little underwhelming.


Dan said...

Good for Andy for moving on.

Joe said...

The books a good read, though not really about her dating, for the most part; quite a lot of the book is about her husband and him dying unexpectedly, and her dealing

btw Andy used to play at the Bottom Line in NYC on West 4th, before it closed - last time I think he maybe opened for the Roches holiday time? - I understand he also played NPRs Mountain Stage when he was still recording for Gadfly, though I've never come across tapes, unfortunately

Its a shame he never continued with the folk career as his 2 albums on Gadfly (particularly Don't get killed) are absolutely delightful

And what happened with Andy posting?! 316 days is too long!

Anonymous said...

Was the time zone show so bad that it doesn't even merit a recap? It was a good show except for the topic. And the concept. And the execution.

Joe said...

Sometimes Ken I just feel like giving you a big hug

to another 50 years! btw (plese bring Irwin back - I miss his show on Wednesdays - tho not when you sang on it in the 90s!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe - Irwin will be back on the schedule this summer. The new schedule starts on June 16th.

Joe said...

Oh thank God. Noone else is playing Michelle Lemay on the station!!

Joe said...

Or Jandek, considering..