Just Another Trainwreck... No Wait, THE ULTIMATE TRAINWRECK!!!!!

April 23, 2008: Timezones and Trainwrecks

From an anonymous posting to the previous blog:

"Was the time zone show so bad that it doesn't even merit a recap? It was a good show except for the topic. And the concept. And the execution.

Well, here is the posting for this week's episode, written on a Saturday evening, two days late from the usual deadline (24 hours after air.) You see I traded shifts with Austin earlier this month and lost sight of the originally-mapped-out schedule from our boss Andrea. So I re-listened to the show last night for inspiration and nodded off midway into perfect slumber. Now I'm back from menial retail to belt this baby out.

(Sigh) Here we go.

The foreplay last Wednesday between Ken and Andy clocked in at 17 minutes of beautiful free-flowing chat: Andy sucks at acting; Andy agrees to open for the slapdash garage band known as Sonic Youth with his dummy act (the WFMU 50th Anniversary Show this July 4th); Ken and Andy touch up on the milestones of WFMU's illustrious 50 year history; Be Ken's Facebook friend and see the uncensored waterboarding incident on video; Be Andy's Facebook friend and... screw it, I'll save you the trouble:




Gypsy the musical gives great "Goto Hell!!"; Monk and no milfs on the Family Hour; and Daisy Freedman is getting married at Chuck E. Cheese. Moving on...

The show originally asked for a caller from each timezone (all 24 or however many...) and got 8, including one from Nova Scotia and another from Norway. And a fecal-load of flack from the culture of commentary. Here's the one comment that caused a turn from long-time listener Joe:

This is the point when the show dies, and Andy uses the show for warmth, cutting it open and crawling inside the husk of the (dead) show

Come on guys! you can do better!! you HAVE done better!! last show was quite good!!

And that's where Andy decided to turn this newly-born trainwreck into a show ABOUT trainwrecks, right at the half-hour mark.

And the listeners poured in citing their favorite trainwreck scene in movies and personal anecdotes about trainwrecks, calling in, commenting on the message board... In fact, if you wanna comment about trainwrecks on this blog, feel to do so.

Or do whatever on my posting; I don't care. This past installment left me too uninspired to breathe life into my recap; I'd rather catch up on my Best Show podcasts quite frankly; I left no cute hyperlinks here out of my own apathy; I feel like I call the show too much; I think that photo up there (Trainwreck at Gare Montparnasse, Paris, France, 1895) that I stole from Wiki was used on this blog before on a previous 7SD trainwreck; I'm sick of the word "trainwreck"...

I'll just leave you with this link, which is all you need to know before you move on to next week's episode.


AllisonLeGnome said...

The topic change was where it really went bad- the original one would probably have been unsuccessful but amusing.

Zlist said...

I think you guys accidentally found a good idea for a future show during the trainwreck show. It's true - airlines won't show plane crashes in in-flight films. I hadn't heard that they won't play songs with words like "falling" in them, but even if that's not true, you could pretend it is. Do a show where people call up and suggest movies/songs that feature crashes and falls, and make Andy rewrite the plots/lyrics to be airline safe.

The fatal flaw - Andy might still lose the will to live. But that happens no matter what you guys do, so this might be worth a shot...

Anonymous said...

I think they can top this trainwreck. I would like to see what they could do if they set out to do the worst show ever. I think they would come out the other side somehow and enter a new world of entertainment.

Joe said...

Not the worst show ever, I think

Though it was, quite frankly, appalling. When the calls were about trainwrecks, and Andy was doing trainwreck sounds.. Oh boy

Has anyone listened to this one more than once? Raj?

The foreplay was quite good I thought - they should've just foregone the concept of having different time zones calling in. To come to the point, I think they might have been embarassed by the concept, and thats why they were so reluctant to introduce it!

Which is maybe why the foreplay was so good?

Maybe the idea of the two getting two models to stand in for them, while they communicate by walkie talkie across the studio?

Or the two busking in front of the station, with Ken dressed in disguise so noone he works with can recognize him?

I'm at a loss? what was the Google bomb idea? maybe a call in concept, about movies?

You know how there was God Save The Kinks in the US in the 60s, cos there was noone listening to the band stateside, and they were coming out with great albums (Face to Face, Something else, Village Green, etc)

Maybe a "Save the Show!" idea - where Ken and Andy can try out ideas

Perhaps a contest where Ken and Andy sing, maybe along with one of Fabio's records, or to Cream or something..

I'm stumped. Any ideas out there? "Save Second Delay Now!" Before it goes back into reruns or on hiatus (or both- sigh)

This is not a joke. I am enclosing a joke so you can tell the difference:

My dog has no nose
How does he smell?

Anonymous said...

Such a trainwreck. But I love the trainwrecks! They're cringe-a-riffic!

I'm sure it's not so fun when you're in the hot seat, sweating every second. But I find the disasters more entertaining than the sucesses (though whatever consitutes sucess for 7SD is beyond me).

More cringe-radio!

Austin said...

While I was reading the comments and listening to NPR pundits, I thought of a show idea. Next trainwreck, Andy and Ken could provide Ange and the blog with talking points about the show to put a positive spin on the show's follow up post. It's current and relevant.

ALEX K SEZ HAY said...

The waterboarding video is also on youtube already so there's no need to get all up ins on the facebooks.

Raj said...

Joe, I listened to the show a second time which is what caused me to write this schizoid blog.

I usually email Ken when an idea sparks up, but these days my ideas turn to vapor instantly.

I like how the listeners are clocking in crazily with ideas. Way to support, my friends.

It's nearing the end of Tuesday. I hope there was a call and it went well.

Joe said...

Hey Raj

This past show kinda reminded me of the old tv show Pink Lady and Jeff, where it was so bad it was just...bad

(that was the late 70s variety show on NBS hosted by the Japanese girls who knew no English - I think it was canceled in midbroadcast)

(or should've been. There was singing and dancing too! Kinda like the Star Wars Holiday Special.. on drugs..)

Yes like Night of the Lepus (with the giant killer rabbits terrorizing a town) and King Kong Lives (where Mrs Kong gives birth!) this Train Wreck show will be one of those things you hear talked about in hushed whispers.. "Yeah, the show was so bad that the topic actually became trainwrecks and Andy abjectly apologized at the end.."

Raj said...

Right! Cop Rock! Mr. Smith! My Mother the Car!! Emeril's Sitcom!

Welcome to freeform, where any notice is good notice!

PS: Ken I'll have the next installment of my marathon pledge two weeks from now.

Joe said...

I haven't seen Cop Rock
I understand the drama was quite good.. until they started breaking into song!

Betcha the guys do a shout out for ideas during this weeks show. Better than running with the scrap of an idea for an hour or so (until its abandoned and they just talk about trainwecks or something, or how Andy has to go for surgery cos of his snoring, etc)

Andrea Silenzi said...

I must say, I have a really good feeling about tonight's show...

Tor Hershman said...

Speakin' of "FOLLOW YOUR DAMN HEART!!!!!"

You could ask moi about moi's massive heart attack and quintuple by-pass.

Gad, chunks of moi's heart done been flushed but Andy is correct, it doesn't matter.

Gad, Andy on the whoof!

Stay on groovin' safari,

Joe said...

You confuse me strangely Tor