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February 6, 2008: Ken and Andy Channel the Radio Dial

In the spirit of Ken and Andy's decision to give in to grown up radio, please read from these grown up web sites.

Mike Savage
The Fan
Jesus Radio
The Other Freeform
Air America
Twilight Zone


Joe said...

Very good show I thought
They're preparing more!

fern said...

That was without a doubt the worst show I've ever heard. Not only the worse 7sd, but the worst - EVER

jwgh said...

fern: How is that possible? You must have liked at least one of the shows they were rebroadcasting!

Anonymous said...

I was close to bailing out at the beginning, but I'm really glad we stuck with it for the entire hour. That moment when I inadvertantly tuned in WFMU was one of the weirdest experiences of my life.

Without a doubt, the most polarizing radio show I've ever been a part of. Many people (like Fern) said it was the worst SSD EVER, but a lot of people loved it. So there you go. And I've rarely seen Andy so committed to anything..

But funny it wasn't, I admit. But a real fun experiment to have been a participant in..


jeepers said...

That show was fantastic!! Is the show hitting a new high? Lots of energy, and very funny.

The sound of Ken repeating all those commercials was classic.. who would have ever expected that?

I loved how it built up to the amazing finale where they're looping the WFMU delay, and it gets more abstracted as it went...beautiful

Raj said...

Ken, it was you guys making each other laugh and to hell to the audience. Some of the best comedy, Python, SCTV, comes out of that kind of experimentation.

And you guys were really having fun with it together, something not often heard on the show and often missed.

You're a man of 1000 voices might i add.

AllisonLeGnome said...

I loved it- the WFMU looping alone made the economic ranting worth it. (It reminded me of the Slovin & Allen "Time Machine" sketch, where it falls apart more and more every time until they collapse.)

Joe said...

I thought it was very funny in parts
Kinda reminded me of the old Firesign Theatre you know, with the commercials (Ralph Spoilsport Motors, Bear Whiz Beer)

I had a lotta fun - Ive listened to it several times

It certainly took a lot of preparation.. certainly as much as the transcribed show from the late 90s (where Ken & Andy repeated the show at the half point, albeit each taking the others role)

More of this!

travis said...

greatest seven second delay ever.

Robin said...

Trainwreck! But Ken doing voices is pretty hilarious.


Ken said...

I'm glad that so many of you liked it! Andy and I were both kind of thrilled with how it turned out, although we were aware that it was a zinger-less show.

Maybe someday we should do it to Cable TV so people can watch along.

Duncan said...

I enjoyed it because Ken and Andy were clearly having fun. There are a lot of shows which have more zingers, but neither Ken or Andy are all that into it. This was a really nice change of pace.

listener zero said...

> Is the show hitting a new high? Lots of energy, and very funny.

I think that's due to Andy being on strike and his creative forces not being drained by his hit TV show.

Joe said...

Hey hey we're the Monk!

Anonymous said...

The loop part was great I was dying here at work.