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January 16, 2008: Ticket Giveaways

From the live playlist page:

daniel spaniel: what's going on? i tuned in late and they've just been reading off shows?

B: Daniel - Some sort of ticket-giveaway later or something I think...? *shrugs confusedly*

On tonight's show, Ken and Andy gave away tickets to rock shows, jewrock shows, etc. But, the real show seems to be coming up at Book Court on Tuesday, January 22nd at 8PM. Ken and Andy will be there reading excerpts from The Best Of LCD: The Art & Writing of WFMU. This event promises to be Ken's first public clog dancing experience (we think...), and Andy's debut as a ventriloquist. Anyone else planning to go?

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daniel spaniel said...

wow, how funny. I can't believe my comment got through! And I won tickets to the Monkees tribute concert, which was one of the funnest concerts I've ever been to. The Monkees were my first favorite band when I was 6 and I had completely forgotten about how awesome they are.

So, hooray for WFMU and SSD!

Love the show and the blog and I'm NOT, not being sarcastic.