Long Times, First Times

July 25, 2007: Practical Jokes (From August or September, 1991)

As a special treat to the Seven Second Delay "completists" amongst us, Ken chose to rebroadcast the second Seven Second Delay ever. In this episode, we hear a boyish Andy Breckman and former WFMU program director Dave Newgarden discussing pranks. We also hear the very first use of the "long time listener, first time caller" joke.

Andy: Hi. Thanks for holding. You're on the air.
Caller: Um, this one--
Andy: Listen, you know what, this is my second show, and I'd love someone to call sometime and say, "Hi Andy. Long time listener, first time caller." I'd just be a thrill for me. So could you try that?
Caller: Long time listener, first time caller.
Andy: Oh, thank you very much! Well don't be nervous.
Caller: It's the truth.
Andy: I bet.
Caller: No, really.


Duncan said...

David: What we really need is a laugh track...
Andy: Or a sidekick...

How prescient.

js said...

I don't understand. Was Andy taken hostage in the middle east for some period in the mid-90s? What exactly happened to him? He seemed so nice in this rerun. Just a great guy to hang out with. And his voice is totally different. And the callers are all allowed to try to be funny, and some actually are, and they all seem confident and happy.

What happened? Was it somehow Ken's fault?

swami said...

I think this is Andy pre-puberty; enthusiastic, giggly, eager to please and, well, higher pitched. I blame hormones.

Jay said...

He was trying to get a job, and his marriage hadn't crumbled yet. Divorce can bring out the bitter in people.

Also, listen carefully... the pranks he laughs the loudest and most genuinely at are those intended maliciously against old people. He's also subtly dismissive of several of the callers who won't get to the point.

But I agree, this was a fun happy Andy, and the callers enjoyed themselves. You can never go home again. Thanks for the treat, tho'! We need more old shows on the archive!

Joe said...

Very good show!
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