Confessions from April 1992

Twenty Funny Folk Songs! I just hope they have security at Tower Records when this goes on sale.

Will to Live-o-meter
Each successive call whittles away not only Andy's will to live, but his faith in humanity. Well, at least the humanity of sad, lonely hippies.

Fatal Flaw
Andy spends the duration of the show acting.

Andy solicits callers to confess their greatest misdeeds. Andy confesses not only stealing money from his movie theater job as a teen, but also recycling used popcorn buckets. Bastard. Ken confesses inadvertently killing an old man by tweaking his respirator to get some sleep. It happens. It happens a lot more than you think.

Since even less people read this blog than listen to the radio show, please feel free to confess your transgressions in the comments. Only Andy will pass judgement on you. And, I have a feeling he judged you a long, long time ago.

The episode is cut short and includes these Bonus Tracks:
Andy Live at The Bottom Line
Andy singing "Railroad Bill"
"Harassing Toll Booth Attendants" segment


Ray said...

I once knew a guy who used a radio show to plug his website I thought he made the show fun but alas, Ken and Andy didnt think it was so fun. Will this man rot in Haites for attempting such a shamless act?

Raj said...

I've just backtracked to this post while preparing a From the Archive post;

This installment involved some better acting from a bevy of Andy's comedy writing friends calling in, including Al Franken (although I couldn't recognize him in the bunch.)

Austin said...

Seriously, Raj. No one is reading these comments.

Raj said...

You can goto hell.

Duncan said...

You'd be lucky if there were four people in the world reading your anachronistic nonsense, Raj.