It was hinted at last show, but you never know with these things. This week, should Andy and Ken call Randy Cohen (New York Times's The Ethicist) again to get a professional opinion on the Metropolitan Diary punking and the resultant fury of Michael Pollak?

My answer would be absolutely. Seven Second Delay continuity rarely comes together this neatly. You can't pass these opportunities up.

(Cohen appeared on the show almost exactly a year ago, if you're wondering. I think his hypothetical appearance this week would be much more interesting.)


Anonymous said...

I think it would be kind of unfair for Ken & Andy to team up with the ethicist. Michael Pollak deserves a little backup to make the battle more interesting. How about Don McLean or Hunter?

Anonymous said...

get Arnon to be on Pollak's side, At least find out what he thinks about all of this.

Robin said...

As an Arnon Fan, I agree with this. Of course keeping in mind that he is not 10 years old anymore.