The Future Of .Comedy

November 1, 2006

As we now know, the Web may be as World-Wide as ever, but it's harder to get the URL you want. However, according to GoDaddy, the following addresses, each with the coveted .com e-suffix, are still available at press time:


If anyone out there still cares about Seven Second Delay enough to homestead on some of this e-real estate and start a competing fan site, I don't see what's stopping you.


TOR Hershman said...

Well, Andy, you've got "The sick guy" right here at the blog AND you can dig my "Heaven" YouTube music video.

Hey!!!!!!!!!!! This must be a repeat.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,

Listener Terry said...

Listener Terry here.
Love the blog. Can't believe I got through.
A number of years ago I took one for the team and resistered the name The guys had a bet that the domain name, available at the start of the show, would (or would not) be registered by the end of the show. Ken bet that it would, Andy that it wouldn't. On the line was an extra minute of "soaking" for Andy come marathon time. (In those pre-Monk days Andy was only allowing for 60 seconds of soaking.) I did a quick cost/benefit analysis, and figured that I could leverage the then hefty cost of registration (around $125.00) into a windfall for the station. So, I registered the name before the end of the show and Andy lost. Having no webskillz to speak of, I did nothing with the site. But, I like to think that that extra 60 seconds that Andy was under the gun added quite a bit to 'FMU's coffers that year.
I'm pretty sure that the name is available again, in case anyone wants it.
Lnr. T.